“Science of Athletic Performance” Summer Program Video

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Check out this video summary of the 3Helix and 4th Family Science of Athletic Performance Summer Program!

Engineering a Better Athlete: Albany After school program

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20141029_163029The 3Helix program is hosting an after school program titled “Engineering a Better Athlete” at Albany high school. The program is headed by Fellow John Drazan and it is focused on using science and engineering to better understand the performance of elite athletes. Over the course of the program students will design and test experiments to determine athletic performance.20141020_171553


New book features the work of 3Helix

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mathisaverbA new book, Math Is a Verb: Activities and Lessons from Cultures Around the World features the work of 3Helix leadership and fellows. It is co-edited by 3Helix PI, Ron Eglash. Each chapter takes on a culture/math connection specific to a geographic location. 3Helix Audrey Bennett’s chapter covers mathematics in African American cornrow hairstyles. Alumni Bill Babbitt and Dan Lyles have each authored a chapter in the book. William Babbitt’s chapter reviews the work he did in Ghana on the geometry of Adinkra symbols, and STS grad student Dan Lyles’ chapter  is focused on the mathematics of graffiti.