3Helix Visit to SUNY Geneseo Physics Teachers Training Program

John Drazan

Fellow John Drazan traveled to his undergraduate institution SUNY Geneseo and presented his DIY biomechanics curriculum to over 60 future and present physics teachers. The talk was very well received and teachers were directed to the online materials to build their own plates.



3Helix Visit to Albany High career program

John Drazan

3Helix Fellow John Drazan visited eight sections of a career planning class. He brought his DIY biomechanics equipment that measures the vertical jump height of the test subject. His lesson focused on the ability of STEM techniques to answer questions about really anything. He discussed how he uses his expertise in engineering to build equipment to measure athletic ability. Students learned how to use the equipment and performed their own experiments regarding athletic performance. The students seemed to enjoy using the equipment and many of them have since started attending the after school Sports Science Program.




John explaining how he became a scientist because of his interest in basketball.


John showing how to use the vertical jump platform with a student volunteer


Students using the contact plate to measure their peers jumping ability.

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3Helix visit to Elementary School Science day

John Drazan

Fellow John Drazan and Isaiah  Scurry, one of the students from the 3Helix after school program, traveled to Troy School 18 to participate in the schools science day. They brought the DIY vertical jump platform and worked with 40 elementary school students to show how STEM can be used to evaluate and improve athletic performance. Isaiah took an active role in leading sessions, including running the equipment and explaining how STEM has improved his own performance as a college-bound basketball player.


High School Volunteer Running DIY Science Equipment