Status Update

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The buoy didn’t get to spend a lot of time in the water before everything froze over. However there was plenty to learn from the tests we did do. Importantly, the buoy will¬†need better power supply and less consumption to make it through the entire winter. Furthermore, it’s time to move on from hand made enclosure to more commercially available enclosures. The PV optimizer circuit and the BLE are currently in testing and making good progress. The enclosure is a little farther behind.

There is a lot of interest in the Sawyer group in partnering with the Jefferson Project, because like us, they do some academic out reach to high schools and grade schools as well as ecology research. Furthermore, when the grant ends, we want the work to survive. The idea would be to provide a form of our platform to the Jefferson project to act as the sonde in their buoys. We’ve done some CAD modelling and preliminary foot work and the white paper is coming up soon.

Purely Teaching

Thanks in large part to Danielle, we have a fairly complete version of the bacteria simulations. Once Charles gives the ok, we will assemble those together on a page on the community site. John and I (James Davis) have begun a proposal for a new program with the students where we will build an open source biomechanics lab. The strain gauge sensors are here and now I just need to get off my rear and build the plate. We also have a platforming and RPG template for the students to build off of at school. The students we’re bribing with pathfinders have moved onto a new campaign, were they fight social injustice (they’re request).

Aqueous Sensor Node Demo

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I was asked for some demos. So this is just a quick demo of the node connecting to the android, and base station turning on the pump.

I wanted to show the entire network working, but with only one computer that apparently can’t be done. So after much strife, I decided to just show the one node reporting…

Getting Data From A Single Node

Progress Update On Aqueous Sensor Nodes

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Communication / Programming
The nodes are now communicating with each other at a very basic level. They are also sleeping until requested. However, there are a fair number of bugs that must be worked out this week. I hope to have them all working in harmony to report to the base station and sleeping properly by next week .
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