Triple Helix Fellow Danielle Basore presented at the launch of the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology

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Triple Helix Fellow Danielle Basore putting the finishing touches on the Yarn Bomb installation at the Center for Gender and Equity in Science and Technology, at Arizona State University.

Triple Helix Fellow Danielle Basore was invited to speak at the launch of the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST) at Arizona State University. Danielle presented a workshop that she helped to lead, on the Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDTs) CSnap! program that involved her work on the CSDT yarn arts and crochet pages and tutorials (available here). Danielle demonstrated the yarn arts pages and tutorials to a group of high school computer science and mathematics teachers, with the goal that these teachers might use CSnap! to inspire their students.

The goal of CGEST is to create an interdisciplinary, racially-ethnically diverse community of scholars, students, policymakers, and practitioners who explore, identify, and ultimately create innovative scholarship about and best practices for under-represented girls (p-20) in STEM.

In addition to her talk on the CSDT Yarn Arts pages, Danielle helped to put together and install a “yarn bomb” for the reception that followed the demonstrations and panel discussions. Yarn bombing is a form of graffiti done with yarn.


Yarn Bomb installation complete! Dr. Kimberly Scott, Executive Director of CGEST (left), Danielle Basore (right).

Primordial Soup at Albany High School

Danielle Basore

3Helix Fellow Kathryn playing Primordial Soup with AHS students

On the last day of after school (May 7) for this year, I played a board game called Primordial Soup with the students.  I have brought this game periodically throughout the school year.  The goal is to acquire genes for your herd (pod? pack?) of amoebas to help them survive and thrive in the primordial ooze.  The genes give them abilities like fast movement, eating less food, living longer, and armor for protection from carnivorous amoebas.  However, these genes come at a cost.

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Measles Outbreak: Classroom Visit

Danielle Basore
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On March 17th, I spent 7th period with a regents level Living Environment class. I had asked them to read an NPR article about the Disneyland measles outbreak the night before. I presented a few slides with background information about measles, focusing on viral replication and mechanism, since they were learning about those topics in their class at the time. After the background, we discussed the anti-vaccination movement. I showed them a political cartoon from 1930 depicting resistance to smallpox vaccination.

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