3Helix Visit to Albany High career program

John Drazan

3Helix Fellow John Drazan visited eight sections of a career planning class. He brought his DIY biomechanics equipment that measures the vertical jump height of the test subject. His lesson focused on the ability of STEM techniques to answer questions about really anything. He discussed how he uses his expertise in engineering to build equipment to measure athletic ability. Students learned how to use the equipment and performed their own experiments regarding athletic performance. The students seemed to enjoy using the equipment and many of them have since started attending the after school Sports Science Program.




John explaining how he became a scientist because of his interest in basketball.


John showing how to use the vertical jump platform with a student volunteer


Students using the contact plate to measure their peers jumping ability.

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Triple Helix Fellow John Drazan in the news!

Bill Babbitt


Triple Helix Fellow John Drazan presented his program “Science of the Slam” to students from Nathaniel Rochester Community School No. 3 recently, and is featured in the following Time Warner Cable News Rochester segment:

Time Warner Cable News Rochester

John is passionate about engaging young people in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through tying sports science to sports performance on the basketball court. John is a man on a mission – doing his best to teach the “Science of the Slam” program to local school administrators, with the hope that they will catch the ball and also begin motivating young people, to see STEM topics as more than just something taught in the classroom. In addition to being a Triple Helix Fellow and graduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, John is STEM director at 4th Family, Inc. a not-for-profit group located in Albany, New York. The goals of the 4th Family group include empowering and engaging young people.

Go John!


A Triple Helix Thank You! to Awesome Medgar Evers College Undergrads

Bill Babbitt

Front Row:[Right to left] Kareem Alexis (Public Relations), Matt Walls (President), Nathalie Breary, Yahya Al-shaibi Back Row: [Right to Left] Eli Casenave, Mac Myers (Vice President), Kevin Heneson

Triple Helix recently traveled to Medgar Evers College, The City University of New York, in Brooklyn New York to present workshops using the CSnap! software. We would like to thank the MEC Technology Club for their assistance during the presentations and with student questions during the workshops.

Triple Helix visits Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York

Bill Babbitt

On May 6th and 13th, Triple Helix traveled to Brooklyn, New York to present workshops at Medgar Evers College, City University of New York. The workshops were presented to middle school students from PS 61 and PS 354, as part of Medgar Evers Pipeline initiative.

“The Medgar Evers College Pipeline is an intentionally designed system by which students from Central Brooklyn are guided through a strong K-12 experience, transitioned into college, and then provided high-quality opportunities to on-board into the professional world.”



Fellow John Drazan reviewing his results from jumping on the force plate.

Triple Helix Fellow John Drazan worked with students on sports science and sports performance, using a force plate for the students to conduct experiments. Following their work with the force plate, students used CSnap! to program simulations that modeled jump height on different planets. Fellow Brian Callahan assisted students as they worked with the CSnap! software.



Fellow Alum and Program Coordinator Bill Babbitt talking with students about logarithmic spirals in Adinkra symbols.

Triple Helix Fellow Alum and Program Coordinator Bill Babbitt and Fellow Alum Michael Lachney worked with students modeling Adinkra symbols in the CSnap! software. Both Bill and Michael shared their research experiences in Ghana, West Africa, with the students. Adinkra is a symbol set from Ghana with each symbol having a different meaning.



Fellow Alum Michael Lachney taking questions from students concerning the CSnap! software simulation.

In addition to the Fellow and Fellow Alums, the PI and co-PI, Dr. Ron Eglash and Dr. Audrey Bennett both attended the workshops and assisted with students.

Triple Helix would like to thank Dr. Shermane Austin and Dr. Stanley Mims for inviting us to present at their Computer Science workshops. We would also like to thank the MEC Technology Club undergraduate students for assisting with student questions while working with CSnap! software.