New Lesson CSnap 101.1 (40-60 minutes)

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Brian Callahan and James Davis have started running power lunches on Mondays. This will document the first experience.


All computers start opened to a intentionally difficult CSnap game ‘helicopter’

The students were told to press 1 to start, and use the arrow keys to direct their little helicopter / rocket. After a couple minutes the students recognize that the game has a fair number of flaws, the most important of which is that it’s too difficult. Direct the students to change the code at their leisure, and tell them to change it to get as many points as possible.

To keep students engaged we did 3 things:

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Instructions for Arduino Temperature Sensing: Compost Computing

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Arduino-Compost Handout

Click the above link to download a handout detailing the set up and use of an Arduino temperature sensor and countertop compost bucket.  Use the temperature sensor to explore how the heat level of the compost changes over time!

Evolution Games – Part 1

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In this post, I detail the first round of “Evolution Games,” a series of games we’re playing at Hackett Middle School in Mrs. Stevenson’s 8th Grade Science classroom. (

A curious aspect of the theory of evolution is that everybody thinks he understands it. Jacques Monod, in On the Molecular Theory of Evolution (1974)

I’m interested in the evolution of culture(s), so I study the field of “evolution” from a social angle, and sociality from an evolutionary angle. Read the rest of this entry »