Muscle Physiology Lesson Plan

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Goals: The purpose of this lesson is to increase students’ understanding of muscular function by investigating the structure, metabolism and function of muscle cells. The class will be opened with a discussion regarding how weight training affects health and performance. The discussion will end with a series of “hook questions” that the class should be able to answer by the end of the period. Ideally, by the end of the class the students will have an appreciation for why the body needs so many seemingly redundant muscles.

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New Lesson Antibiotics (30 minutes)

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James Davis went into Mrs. Mall-John’s Living Environment (biology) class, to help her students learn about the concepts of antibiotic resistance and gain an appreciation of programming.


Prior to the lesson setup should start on
Group the students so that everyone knows where their computer is. Give an overview of the basic concepts:
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New Lesson CSnap 101.1 (40-60 minutes)

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Brian Callahan and James Davis have started running power lunches on Mondays. This will document the first experience.


All computers start opened to a intentionally difficult CSnap game ‘helicopter’

The students were told to press 1 to start, and use the arrow keys to direct their little helicopter / rocket. After a couple minutes the students recognize that the game has a fair number of flaws, the most important of which is that it’s too difficult. Direct the students to change the code at their leisure, and tell them to change it to get as many points as possible.

To keep students engaged we did 3 things:

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