DNA Rockstar!

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Science: genetics, biology, life sciences

Students will learn the base pairs of DNA, the processes of replication, translation, and synthesis. Students will also learn the relationship of nucleotides to DNA codes.

Grade level:
Middle, High School

Materials Needed:
Computer with updated browser running flash
Included key mapper (if using guitar controller)
xBox 360
wired USB guitar controller (optional, but recommended)

Approximate amount of time needed to conduct lesson:
25 minutes

Students play a browser-based flash game similar to popular games like Guitar Hero and Rockband. Students “play” a DNA strand as an animated illustration of replication, translation, or synthesis occurs. Students are given a static image with the name of the molecule and a short description of what it does in the process.

Uses a familiar technology to teach a new concept

Key mapper is difficult to install on locked-down school computers

Note: DNA Rockstar! is not recommended for students’ first exposure to genetics.

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