Hackett Middle School MATHCOUNTS

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Congratulations to Tamara Moffett for her Hackett MS MATHCOUNTS team performance today. Hackett MS finished 12th out of 21 schools that competed at todays MATHCOUNTS Chapter competition at GE Global Research in Niskayuna NY. Hacketts performance was all the more remarkable considering that the school decided to field a team for the competition only in early January, meaning that the four students had just one month to prepare for the event.

I hereby award 6 Hackett Hoorays to principal Paolino for his decision to green light the team. You may ask why six? Well, one for each of the contestant students – Taofeek, Ian, Griffin, and Sergio who had an experience today that they will never forget, and can be celebrated regardless of their individual scores for their teams accomplishment. One for the experience the event afforded teacher Tamara Moffett who very enthusiastically stated that she found it rewarding and would like to coach a team again next year. And especially important to me, one for allowing Hilly Adler, an Albany High School student to assist with coaching the team. Experiences like this for students like Hilly are so tremendously important providing opportunities to help others, develop leadership skills and serve as a positive role model for the students who worked with him. Hilly very obviously imparted his enthusiasm and love for mathematics to these four students!

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