Brenda Thomson

Teacher Pair- John Sawyer

Brenda Thomson is an MS student at RPI in the Information Technology and Web Sciences (ITWS) department, with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction. After several years as an entrepreneur in the IT industry, she returned to college to pursue her interests in human-computer interaction, educational equality, and communication. Her studies are aimed at finding the intersection of those interests with an eye toward policy improvements. Her outside interests include Crossfit, AutoCross racing, and spending time with her family.



Ben Horne
Teacher Pair- Michael Justice

Benjamin Horne is a PhD student at RPI in the Computer Science department. His research area is in information diffusion and trust in social networks. Before RPI, Ben obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration from Union University in Jackson, TN. Outside of research, Ben plays bass guitar, participates in athletic events, and enjoys winning fantasy football.




Brian Callahan
Teacher Pair- Catherine Vitas

Brian Callahan is a first year PhD student at RPI in the Science and Technology Studies program. As an active Free and Open Source Software developer, he has been able to combine his passion for technology with his formal anthropological training to study human organization around software projects. When not working, Brian is an experienced bassoonist, playing with local orchestras and chamber ensembles.



James Davis
Teacher Pair- Ellen Mall-John

James Davis worked in the solar industry developing QC and automation systems. His continuing interest in developing sensors for social good led him back to RPI for a masters in Multidisciplinary Science with a home school in Electrical Engineering. His background is Mechanical Engineering & Product Design, as well as programming and sensor development. His goal remains making the world a better place.





Danielle Basore
Teacher Pair-
Deb Carson

Danielle is a third year PhD student at RPI, in the Biochemistry/Biophysics program. She returned to graduate school after 2 years in the pharmaceutical industry, working in vaccine formulations.  Danielle received her BS in Biochemistry from Russell Sage College in 2009.  Attending a women’s college gave her a passion for participating in science outreach, especially amongst young women.  Her research focuses on protein design for the development of vaccines and bio-remediation agents.  When she’s not in lab, Danielle enjoys knitting, baking, reading, and power lifting.



John Drazan
Teacher Pair-
 Vince Amondeo

After graduating from Bethlehem Central High School, John attended SUNY Geneseo to play basketball and study physics. He combined his interest in sports, physics and human health to create a biomechanics lab as part of his senior capstone project to track the altered biomechanics associated with sports injuries. John joined the RPI Musculoskeletal Engineering Lab in the summer of 2012 to pursue a PhD in biomedical engineering. Presently he uses his physics background in combination with newly acquired engineering and medical expertise to design a new class of wireless passive sensors to measure forces in the human body. In addition to his work in the lab John works with local kids in order to increase participation in the STEM disciplines.

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