The Community Sensing project is based on an open-source modular environmental sensing platform. This would be used in educational workshops, but also to facilitate conversations about how environmental monitoring could be conducted at low-cost and without a base requirement of having advanced technical skills. These ideas were built on a large field of research in ‘participatory sensing’ also called ‘citizen sensing’. The platform is built on an Arduino architecture.

From the 3Helix Blog…
Read the real stories of fellows’ research and classroom experiences related to Community Sensing.

CGIS Software
GIS software created for use with middle and high school students that blends social justice, mapping and data science. We developed software and corresponding activities to spark an interest in math and computer science in all students. Activities ask students to compile and analyze real-world data to develop their own questions, critiques and conclusions with no wrong answers. The software was developed in a small team using mostly open source tools, including Django and AngularJS. Over one year, another student and I concurrently developed an interactive Google Maps GUI front end and a RESTful back end.

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