Albany High Students Visit RPI

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Albany High School students spent the day touring labs and seeing what life is like on the RPI campus last Friday. Students toured the Manufacturing Innovation Learning Laboratory, the Flow Control Research Lab and the Computational Protein Design Lab where 3Helix fellow Danielle Basore conducts her research. Students also toured EMPAC, ECAV, freshman housing and had lunch in the Commons Dining Hall.


Field trip to RPI

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Twenty-four eighth grade students from North Albany Academy, a K-8 school in the Albany school district, visited Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They participated in four major themes, “What is college?”, “Smart Lighting”, “Turning Ideas into Reality,” and “Tour of campus.” 3Helix fellow, Chris Shing with help from teacher pair Kerry Welcome organized the outing. The goal of the day was to enhance student’s awareness about higher education opportunities through demonstrating examples of cutting-edge research impact and by identifying associated career paths . A student life panel consisting of four current RPI students spoke about their college experience and answered questions.

Student Agenda

Welcome to RPI, North Albany Academy!

Jobs Counts

Translating Ideas into Reality

How to make Bucky Balls (aka Hexastrip Weaving)
Additional Activities and Online Resources
Preparing for College

Feedback and comments on activities
Read more in fellow Chris Shing’s blog

At the end of the visit students were asked to fill out an exit survey (included in Appendix A).  Of the 24 students who came, 15 students responded to the survey.  Survey Responses from NAA visit.